Monday, December 7, 2015

John M. Horner of Monmouth County, New Jersey

Yes, the posts on this blog stopped in June/July, coinciding with my signing of a book contract with an academic press. The research and writing on the topic of the African American slaves in Utah Territory has been and will continue to be time intensive: I am attempting forty or more hours a week of research and writing since the deadline is approaching quickly.

From time to time I see something applicable to the history of the area, and I will include links here. Here is a story from Keepapitchinin: The Mormon History Blog about a convert from Monmouth County, New Jersey.

From the introduction:
John M. Horner (1821-1907) built – then lost – one of the first great Mormon fortunes. Despite his living only briefly in Mormon communities, then spending decades living geographically far from the Church, he always considered himself a Latter-day Saint, and his personal story is entwined with some of the greatest events of 19th century Mormondom.

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